• You are not allowed to reveal internal information
  • Staff members are required to answer players questions even if they violate the rules from the table (For example, if a player spams with a question, you must answer them then you have sanctioned them adequate)
  • Staff members are not allowed to stay AFK in sections, their duty is to pay attention to what is happening there.
  • Staff members with the function of Moderator -> HManager are not allowed to participate at tops
  • Staff members are not responsible for items lost by any method but they may sanction depending on the situation. For example: Buldings near survival protection, Trap tpa + kill, /ah scams, etc. (Most of those situations will be sanctioned with WARN)
  • This regulation should be considered as a guideline, for this reason it is written everywhere "Mute between Xmin-Ymin". Your duty is to be responsible / conscious and to act correctly in any situation (Remember, you are not a robot, we do not sanction if you give mute with +/- 5-10min)
  • In case you are not sure how to act in an unspecified situation in the table, please ask the Managers, HManagers or the owner.
  • We put the accent on flexibility / transparency / diplomacy.
  • Staff members are forced to respect and help the players.
  • Staff members are not allowed to abuse their power => automatically breaking the above rules.
  • You are not allowed to contact any staff member regarding your application. Disobeying this will result in the instant denial of the application
Offence Description Sanction
Spam Any type of spam:
  • Normal spam
  • Word extension
  • Spam /msg
  • Caps-lock
  • Write several consecutive messages (Enough to fill the chat)
Mute 10-15 minutes
  • Lack of respect
  • Toxicity
  • Swearing
Any type of text that refers to
  • Harming
  • Swearing
  • Toxicity
Mute 15-30 minutes
  • Fake information
  • Chat trolling
Any text that confuses players Warn
  • Direct advertising
  • Indirect advertising
Any text mentioning other servers / personal accounts / goods
  • I offence: Ban 14d
  • II offence: Ban perm.
Any suspicious link Any type of link that looks unusual and isn't from a secure website Mute 30min-3h
Racism Any mean to promote racism and harassment etc Mute 1h
Hacking The player uses external methods to their advantage Ban Permanent
Disclosure of personal information Any information disclosed by a player (whether it is correct or not) Ban 14d
Bug Abuse Any bug abuse (whether the player is conscious or not) Ban 7d - Ban Permanent
Using VPN Player uses VPN to avoid penalties Ban Permanent
Using falsified evidence Any way in which evidence is falsified in order to harm others Ban 30d
Helpop Abuse For any spam or swearing in helpop Warn
Inappropriate Nickname - Ban Permanent
Fake Item Names For any named items who may mislead players (An axe named “Event”) Warn